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Summer vacations are no longer what they used to be. Gone are the days when kids used to stay at home and do their holiday homework. Parents nowadays are more interested in putting their children in hobby or summer classes during summer vacations. Things have definitely changed, but what has led to this change? Is it a change in lifestyle, modernization or changing family structure?

The concept of summer classes has transformed the holiday period into a learning and fun-filled time for kids. Even before the beginning of summer vacations, parents start looking for workshops or hobby classes where they can enroll their kids. This demand has led to mushrooming of summer camps and activity clubs in almost every city of India.

From teaching tots about community helpers to teens learning about aeromodelling and graphic novel writing, summer camps get more creative. Gone are the days when summer vacations only meant playing out in the sun.These days, parents believe that children should continue the learning process during the vacations as well. And while earlier, summer camps and workshops would only involve basic art, craft and outdoor game activities, these days, they involve innovative as well as fun-oriented ones. With a range of age groups, interests and other considerations, summer workshops are designed in such a way that kids are provided with an overall development. These themes are out of the box and encourage a three-dimensional physical, audiovisual and mental learning experience.Here’s looking at some creative activities for you kids.

Graphic novel workshop Age group: 14-18 years
Writing comic books is a serious art. If your child shows a keen interest in sketching, a graphic novel workshop would be a good way to refine his/her skills. At this week-long workshop, using different illustrating styles, the children are supposed to form their own novel’s first chapter. These work form their own novel’s first chapter. T shops are designed for young adults.Its aim is to introduce students to the art of the graphic novel, and provide them with the tools to create their own works of visualised fiction.

Animation workshop Age group: 10-14 years
f you thought animation films could only be created using digital softwares, think again. At a workshops, children are asked to use paint, clay, paper cutouts etc to created animated characters. Besides, they also get a chance to watch short animated films around the world.

Dos and don’ts before you enroll your kid in a summer camp:
The summer camp should include many activities so the child has a choice and you eventually know what interests him best.

Do not decide the hobby, sports or activities that you think would be fun or beneficial. Keep your child’s interests in mind

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